You did what you thought was best for the world. And now things have changed.

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Artist on tumblr - Mike Tahani aka @datahacker is a creative technologist specializing in data visualization and digital cartography. Currently a data visualization intern at NASA/JPL. His mission is to use data to create works that are both clarifying and transformative.

Mike has developed a rich portfolio as an independent data visualization artist. Look at samples of his amazing work.



The Abyss Table is a stunning coffee table that mimics the depths of the ocean with stacked layers of wood and glass. Made by London-based furniture design company Duffy London, the limited-edition piece comes with the hefty price tag of £5,800 (nearly $10,000).

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art by YONG (seobibaby)

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Spiderdog prank. [video]

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I’ve watched this at least 200 times

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Ludwig Mies van der Rohe with a cake in the shape of Pavilion Apartments at the ground-breaking ceremony at Lafayette Park, Detroit, October 16, 1956. Image: from the LIFE photo archive.

P.S.  Mies is investigating a layer of frosting at my living room window - corner unit 15th floor!

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Lafayette Tower West under construction

The twin Lafayette Towers, whose site covers roughly ten acres east of the park, were not built until 1963, by which time Mies van der Rohe was no longer the architect in charge of the redevelopment project. The towers deviate from Mies and Hilberseimer’s initial site plan in that rather than being offset from each other, they are parallel and have a low-rise parking structure between them.

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Lafayette Park / Mies van der Rohe

One of the townhouses in Lafayette Park. “Mies’s floor-to-ceiling windows make the spaces feel open, while at the same time the canopy of trees makes you feel protected. It’s a private, quiet, green oasis within spitting distance of the freeway, and you’d never know it.”

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Korra Week

Day 1: Alone


Korra Book 3 finale is online right now!   These are some backgrounds from this season and some comps from the finale.  I did the paint. layout was most likely either Angela Sung or William Niu.



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